MANY SAY THAT I am a radical rat. Political possum. Chronically complaining chihuahua. Eccentric elf. Egoistic egghead. But I am just some super-corny dude who still believes that a truckload of red roses can get me near my Muse (although my month's salary can hardly afford to buy me a dozen roses or rent a truck). I am primitive as my heart, ordinary as Sunburst laundry detergent, harmless as a shot of Seagram's or cold sake, simple as a free couch obtained at Craigslist, cute as a babboon. And I also cook awesome dishes, a kickass laundryman (yes, I endorse Sunburst), and I always take the trash out 6am every Monday morning--aside from being a poet (who can only be seen/heard on small open mics in obscure cafes), a journalist/editor (with an income that could pay rent, at least), and on/off concert/events producer/organizer. I live in Asheville in (Western) North Carolina. I “crashlanded” here in the winter of 1999 from New York City—lived and loved, rocked and rolled—until I left for Los Angeles (after a brief 3 months in Las Vegas) in 2007. I was back in late summer of 2009, and I must say—Asheville is my home barrio, although friends and enemies identify me with Manila and Baguio City in the Philippines, and New York City. I identify myself with anywhere wherever whatever. But where I am right now is where it’s at. I used to edit and publish "little fancy rags" under my Loved by the Buffalo Publications. The main publication was a twice-a-month rag called, The Indie. It's kinda "open mic" mag, if you know what I mean. I also head a traveling arts/music/whatever organization called The Traveling Bonfires. We organize/produce community rockfests, small club gigs and all those kind of free stuff that I put up to make people happy, at the same time, these sweet madnesses do fondle my astronomical ego. I am also a self-proclaimed artist (more on the social realist madness), amateur filmmaker, a nonprofessional cook (I already said that), and sometimes I also do pro bono foot massage. Oh well, if you wanna read some of my other work or some other shenanigans that I've sunk my skinny butt into, google me.